CytRx Divests Non-Core Assets as Source of Non-Dilutive Financing

CytRx Corporation sells off Molecular Chaperone Drugs to Copenhagen, Denmark-based Orphazyme ApS in its continued efforts to monetize non-oncology assets. This is another example of CytRx’s creative strategies to liquidate non-core assets as a source of non-dilutive financing. If you are interested in more details about this transaction, check out our deal profile below.

CytRx Corporation (CYTR) Sells Molecular Chaperone Drugs


About Bourne Partners

As a healthcare-focused merchant bank, Bourne Partners provides financial advisory, direct investment, alternative assets and management consulting services to our client-partners. We play an active role in helping businesses grow by creating long-term, profitable relationships that extend beyond single transactions. It is our focus on relationships and long-term results that has yielded us an impeccable track record of client satisfaction . Our direct and indirect investments in sector-leading companies – often through our relationships with top-tier Private Equity funds – allow us to learn about the best-of-the-best from the inside and apply that knowledge to the companies we serve. At Bourne Partners, we operate within a specific set of core boundaries: integrity, accountability, teamwork, loyalty and commitment are the driving forces behind everything we do.
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