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As a healthcare-focused merchant bank, Bourne Partners provides financial advisory, direct investment, alternative assets and management consulting services to our client-partners. We play an active role in helping businesses grow by creating long-term, profitable relationships that extend beyond single transactions. It is our focus on relationships and long-term results that has yielded us an impeccable track record of client satisfaction . Our direct and indirect investments in sector-leading companies – often through our relationships with top-tier Private Equity funds – allow us to learn about the best-of-the-best from the inside and apply that knowledge to the companies we serve. At Bourne Partners, we operate within a specific set of core boundaries: integrity, accountability, teamwork, loyalty and commitment are the driving forces behind everything we do.

Specialty Pharmaceutical Industry Trading Multiple Analysis

Download the full report here. Both branded and generic specialty pharmaceutical companies have recently offered unique growth opportunities over both the recent long and short terms.  The last 24 months have seen tremendous growth in branded spec pharma value, which has … Continue reading

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An Overview of Global Regulatory Trends in the Nutraceutical Industry – April 2013

This report is intended to provide a high level overview of nutraceutical regulatory trends in the US and abroad with snapshots from Europe, Japan, Israel, China, India and Latin America including Mexico and Brazil.  However, it should be noted that … Continue reading

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Biosimilars: Opportunity Amongst Uncertainty

This is intended to be a concise, high level overview of the current biosimilar environment in the U.S. with links to articles and other blogs that offer more detailed discussions with opinions and strategies that relate to the regulatory, legal … Continue reading

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Modernizing Pharma Markets in Brazil and Mexico

Key Takeaways * Policies in Brazil and Mexico have been introduced that require generics to have bioequivalence data (i.e., drugs must demonstrate bioequivalence to their corresponding reference drug) * These reforms are phasing out “similares” (non-bioequivalent copy drugs) that have … Continue reading

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The Medical Device Excise Tax (MDET) – Ramifications for Device Makers

* The Medical Device Excise Tax is a 2.3 percent tax based on the sale price of certain medical devices sold in the U.S. by the manufacturer, producer or importer of the device. * The tax goes into effect on … Continue reading

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Strong Fundamentals and “Eagerness” Likely to Drive More M&A Deals in 2012

According to an Ernst & Young report released last week (12/9/11), strong fundamentals, led by an increased focus on growth, should generate an uptick in deal flow in 2012 compared to 2011, which has been flat YTD in terms of … Continue reading

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Pharma R&D Productivity Continues to Fall

Drug developers are facing a development drought that persists despite greater R&D spending, consultants at Oliver Wyman find in a new report.  Specifically, the report claims the value generated by a dollar invested in pharmaceutical R&D has fallen by more … Continue reading

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